Alcohol Gives You Nothing

alcohol gives you nothingDid you ever think about what alcohol gives you? I didn’t, until an old friend of mine decided to quit drinking many years ago. He quit back in 2000, which was at least 4 years before I thought about it.

He was a heavy drinker for as long as I had known him, and his decision took me a bit by surprise. When I asked him why, he simply replied “What is alcohol giving me?” I didn’t understand what he meant back then, but now I certainly do.
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Hate Mail for My Alcoholism Articles

hate mailAh, yes. Hate mail, I love it! Many of the articles on my site ridicule AA and it’s “learned helplessness” approach. I believe it causes more harm than good, and we should look at other options first.

People don’t like that. Or they feel that my site doesn’t meet their expectations of what makes for good “alcoholism articles”. Here are a few of the more interesting comments and/or emails I’ve received. By the way, I’ve corrected the typos, as evidently people who write hate mail cannot spell! Read more Hate Mail for My Alcoholism Articles

Alcohol Rehab – Do You REALLY Have to Go?

alcohol rehabAre you considering going to an alcohol rehab? If so, you’ve probably already been thinking about it for some time.

If you haven’t gone by now, it may be that you just aren’t sure if you can “handle it”. Or, perhaps you think it isn’t the best option, considering your other obligations.

Before going, it is wise to make sure that it really is your BEST choice to get sober. Below are five questions you should ask yourself first. The answers may help you decide if going to rehab makes sense for you.

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Moderate Drinking: Is It For You?

moderate drinkingMany people who are battling alcoholism simply want to cut back their drinking, rather than quitting permanently. They believe that if they can just stop abusing alcohol, they can get their act together before things spiral out of control. If moderate drinking is your goal, here are some basic steps you should take.
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The Temptation to Drink

temptation to drinkSometimes the temptation to drink seems stronger than our desire to cut back (or quit). We may even THINK about how to stop drinking, or how to get our alcohol consumption under control, WHILE we are downing another glass of our favorite booze.
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