Hate Mail for My Alcoholism Articles

Complaint: Can I have back the hour of my life I just wasted reading your articles? There is absolutely nothing on this website that makes me want to stop drinking! – Joe Blow, guest book comment

My Answer: Joe Blow, no one or no thing is going to MAKE you stop drinking. It’s up to YOU to do it, not me or anyone else. But first, YOU have to WANT to quit or cut back. Once YOU WANT to do it, and you take responsibility for your actions, you’ll find the road to sobriety is much easier than you’ve ever imagined.

The first step is to look in the mirror. For there you will see the person who is ultimately responsible for your actions. And you will also see, deep down inside, a better YOU who is trying to get out.

Complaint: Your web site talks about many of the ways to stop drinking – nothing I cant get in AA – Step 1 in AA – The Alcoholic has to realize in their heart and soul that they are ” POWERLESS over ALCOHOL ” – you are preaching a very dangerous message, whats my expertise 50 years around Alcoholics and almost 30 years in AA. All of you who really want to STOP drinking, get off your Butt and go to an 8pm AA meeting and stay out of the Bars, that is step ONE on your journey to sobriety. Why is it so hard to stay SOBER – because you are an ALCOHOLIC – and Booze is one tough thing to beat , until you realize that it is a ” LIFE or DEATH ” choice , you will always be drinking, and you will never attain Sobriety. p- ” GO TO A MEETING !!!! ” – HTG1961, guest book comment

My Answer: HTG1961, you are mistaken. You wrote: “The Alcoholic has to realize in their heart and soul that they are POWERLESS over ALCOHOL “. This is LEARNED HELPLESSNESS and HURTS more people than it helps. You will never completely get over something as long as you consider yourself powerless before it.

The good news is that once you realize that YOU have the power, you will find that it becomes easier to quit. You will also remove the built-in excuse to keep drinking, which is what AA often provides.

More Hate Mail is On the Way!

I have a lot more hate mail that I’ll add in the near future. Until then, PLEASE try to have a little less hate and a little more love, people. Thanks. 🙂 ♦