AA Meetings Made Easy with BrightBod.com

AA meetingsFor many people in recovery, the most difficult thing about staying sober is getting to the AA meetings. A new company, BrightBod.com, is looking to remedy this.

BrightBod.com is now paying sober people to lead a free 30-minute video conference meeting. This is easily done in front of their own computers, and helps other people (and themselves) stay sober. It’s free to join, and you can contact them for more details at: info@BrightBod.com.
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DUI Attorney in Colorado Springs

Christian Schwaner - DUI AttorneyAlcoholism is no joke, and can lead to very serious legal consequences – but a DUI attorney can help you avoid time in jail. Many people do not realize that by taking Alcohol Anonymous courses, you could get a better deal by any given District Attorney’s office.

This tells you that our government values these AA classes, and the 12 step program in general. They want to know you are taking responsibility for your own actions, and are taking action to do something about your problem.
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