The Temptation to Drink

temptation to drinkSometimes the temptation to drink seems stronger than our desire to cut back (or quit). We may even THINK about how to stop drinking, or how to get our alcohol consumption under control, WHILE we are downing another glass of our favorite booze.
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A Simple Way to Drink Less Alcohol

water helps you drink less alcoholOftentimes we struggle with an alcoholism because we are making it TOO EASY to drink more than we should. Before long, we have gone from someone who drinks a normal amount to a person who is battling alcoholism. But, the good news is that there’s actually a very simple way to drink less alcohol, and it’s already practiced by millions of people all around the world.
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Are You AFRAID to Quit Drinking Alcohol?

afraid to quit drinking alcoholIf you are afraid to quit drinking, you might want to look into the specific reason you feel this way. I say this because sometimes those reasons are a mirage.

Sometimes what you WANT to do can seem harder that it actually is because you’re AFRAID to try. For example, you might want a raise, but you’re afraid of talking to your boss for fear that your job will be in jeopardy. Or, you WANT to ask someone out on a date, but you’re afraid of being rejected. When it comes to drinking alcohol, the FEAR of quitting is often a roadblock that prevents many people from even trying.
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Disease or Bad Habit?

is alcoholism a diseaseYou may know of someone who believes that alcoholism is a disease. Because of this, they feel that they are powerless before it.

However, many medical experts are troubled by the fact that alcoholism doesn’t exactly fit the “disease model”. It does not, in their view, have the empirical evidence to back up this idea.

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Beat Alcoholism With This Magic Wand

beat alcoholismWouldn’t it be great if there was a magic wand we could wave to make problems like alcoholism go away? So much heartache and misery would simply disappear overnight, and so many minds and bodies could finally begin to heal. Millions and millions of people would finally begin to FEEL alive and happy again, now that alcohol was no longer dulling their senses, or wreaking havoc in every area of their lives.

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Sober Sunshine Superman

sober sunshine supermanI took a nice, long walk today since the sun decided to finally make an appearance after several weeks, and it struck me that even the little things in my life are more enjoyable since I stopped drinking alcohol. It simply was invigorating to feel the sun upon my skin, and I noticed that I felt stronger and healthier than I have in years.

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Waking Up Sober: It Never Gets Old

waking up soberOne of the better reasons to quit drinking alcohol is how remarkably refreshed you will feel the morning after not drinking. You immediately begin to think more clearly and deeply, and your body feels invigorated with natural energy.You simply FEEL better and LOOK better in the morning when you haven’t drank alcohol the night before.

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