Cutting Back vs. Quitting

cutting backOne of the more difficult decisions that many people have to make is how to get their drinking under control. Do they need to completely quit drinking, or is cutting back enough?

If this is something that’s bothering you, and you are unsure which direction to go, I urge you to ask yourself the following 3 questions that might help point you to the best solution.

1. Do You Feel Like You CAN Quit Drinking?

Not everyone has – or thinks they have – the willpower to stop drinking. Many people feel hopelessly addicted to the daily routine of drinking, and view the very idea of quitting as a monumental struggle.

If you inwardly fear that you might fail to quit drinking, then you should do the next best thing: cut back on your consumption to the point where you begin to regain control over your life. Down the road, once you get your drinking under control, you may feel that you finally have the strength and motivation to finally stop drinking. Leave the choice of whether or not to quit for the FUTURE, and just concentrate on cutting back for now. Of course, if you feel you CAN quit, then you SHOULD quit.

2. If Cutting Back, Can you Be Satisfied With Just a Couple of Drinks?

We have all made mistakes in our lives. That’s why you’re reading this article: you’ve had some problems getting carried away with alcohol. You also recognize that it’s time to change your lifestyle.

When it comes to alcohol, many people are capable of just having a drink or two and then stopping. But, is that you? Can you visualize yourself having just a couple of drinks and being done for the night? IF that sounds like something you can do, then cutting back might be the best step to get your drinking under control.

3. Has Alcoholism ALREADY Caused a Serious Problem in Your Life?

If alcohol has already caused a serious problem in your life, such as a DUI, divorce or other legal matter, then I strongly urge you to quit drinking once and for all. Quitting will be a life-changing decision that will put you on the course to being healthier and happier, without fear of repeating the mistakes of the past.

As time went by you’ve realized that alcohol brought the OPPOSITE of happiness into your life. And as soon as you rid yourself of this addiction you WILL be happy. Now that you KNOW what pain alcohol brings into your life, why allow it to happen again??


  • IF you don’t know whether you have the strength to quit then you should just concentrate on cutting back for now. Leave the final decision of whether or not to quit for the future.
  • IF you CAN be satisfied with just a couple of drinks then, once again, just concentrate on cutting back for now. It is the best first-step you can take.
  • IF alcohol has ALREADY caused serious problems in your life, then it’s time to cut ties – once and for all. Don’t let history repeat itself. You need to QUIT right now, and get this destructive habit out of your life!

Finally, let me add that no matter what you do, it’s imperative that you actually DO something. You should immediately take action to quit, or immediately take steps to get your drinking under control. Taking action is the best thing you can do right now. You’ll be glad you did. ♦