Quitting Alcohol: 3 Keys to Make It Easier

quitting alcoholIf you’re thinking about quitting alcohol, you may be fearful of how hard it could be. Do you really have the willpower necessary to get alcohol out of your life? The following 3 keys can help you make it a bit easier to do.

Key #1: Don’t Repeat What Didn’t Work Before. Many people who try to quit drinking previously failed to do so. And yet when they try again, they often attempt the exact same strategy – and often get the exact same results.

It’s important to remember that you have your own road to sobriety. Some people find success by quitting cold-turkey, but many others find that gradually reducing intake works better. If you’ve previously failed, try taking a different approach to the problem. Remember, the strategy failed, not you.

Key #2: Don’t Hang Out With Alcoholics. It’s amazing how many people will attempt to quit alcohol, but continue to hang out with their friends at the local bar. Or, in other situations where they are watching others drink alcohol. If this is you, you must wake up to the fact that you’re making it harder on yourself by doing this.

If your friends are full-blown alcoholics, and have no interest in changing, you may need to find some new friends. Or, at the very least, see them when they are NOT drinking so that their bad habits don’t rub off on you.

Key #3: Don’t Procrastinate Any Longer. When it comes to quitting or reducing our alcohol intake, we often keep putting this off. This can be because we think it will be too hard, or we don’t really WANT to quit.

It’s important to start quitting, even if it’s only a tiny, baby step at first. Find that one small thing you can do RIGHT NOW that will move you in the direction of sobriety. For example: swear off drinking shots; postpone drinking for one hour; start skipping happy hour; make a bet with a friend about who can go the longest without a drink; etc., etc.

Quitting Alcohol Doesn’t Have to be Hard

As long as you follow the 3 keys above, you’ll find that you can steadily move towards a healthier lifestyle. And that’s the important part: it’s the DIRECTION your life is headed that determines how happy you feel.

In summary, don’t be afraid to try a new strategy to quit drinking. Stay away from the people who enjoy their booze because they will only bring you down to their level. And start RIGHT NOW with a small step in the direction of sobriety. You’ll be glad you did. ♦