Alcohol Rehab – Do You REALLY Have to Go?

Fourth, HOW will an alcohol rehab impact your job and/or income?

Not all jobs will allow the time off necessary to go to rehab. If possible, take a few minutes (or an hour) to talk with your supervisor about the decision you’ve made to go to an alcohol rehab.

Being self-employed is a bit of a trickier situation. You probably have more freedom and flexibility to go to rehab, but you might also be risking a greater loss of income. Just be aware that you will probably not have any income during the time that you are away.

Fifth, HOW will this impact your family and loved ones?

For many people, the time spent away from their families and loved ones can be the most difficult part of a rehab. Not seeing your spouse or kids on a daily basis is a depressing thought for many of us.

Of course, your family will probably support this decision as they have recognized how much of a toll alcoholism has taken on you. However, you should also be aware that this works both ways, and that being away from your family might make you crave alcohol even more.

The Bottom Line: Is Alcohol Rehab for YOU?

The purpose of this article isn’t to talk you out of going to rehab. Instead, it is to help you find the easiest path to get sober. Oftentimes, rehab is more of a knee-jerk answer for someone to overcome their alcohol addiction. But, it’s not always the best answer.

Take a look at WHY you might go to decide if it’s really the best answer for you. Go into it with a clear head – and fully aware of the commitment required to get sober. You will BECOME sober as soon as you make up your mind to BE sober. ♦