Learning to Hate Alcohol

hate alcoholDo you hate alcohol yet? If not, you need to face up to the truth. It’s going to be hard for you to quit drinking if you still have positive feelings toward alcohol.

After all, it’s simply human nature to want to hold onto something you like to do, or still care about in some way.

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Thinking About Drinking?

thinking about drinkingDoes drinking seem to always be on your mind? Do you sincerely want to stop or cut back on your alcohol intake, and yet find yourself somehow focusing on it a good part of the day? In other words, do you keep thinking about drinking?

If this sounds like you, get ready for some offbeat advice that is a valuable tool to help you get your mind off of the booze. And it’s so simple you’ll be able to do it immediately! Read more Thinking About Drinking?

Sobriety: 100 Days Later

sobriety feels goodSobriety can take time, and April 1st marked 100 days since I stopped drinking alcohol. I started thinking about the many good things – and a couple of not-so-good things – that have happened to me since then.

See, you didn’t expect me to list the not-so-good things, now did you? Sobriety isn’t all peaches and cream, you know! Please note: this article was originally written in 2004, when my sobriety adventure began.
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Stop Drinking on Your Own

stop drinking on your ownIf you truly want to stop drinking on your own you need to realize that your lifestyle will HAVE to change. You may have to lose friends whose company you have really grown to enjoy and welcome.

The friends you had in the past could be the ones who ended up encouraging you to drink. The people who were your friends during college – and all the drinking games that occurred back then – may not be a very good influence now.

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Beat Alcoholism by Recognizing Your Weaknesses

beat alcoholismIf you’re wondering how you can beat alcoholism, you first have to analyze your drinking habits.

There are many different kinds of alcohol, and many different circumstances under which we will drink it. Over the years you have probably gravitated toward one or two specific types of alcohol. And you tend to drink it most often in one or two specific environments. A lot of us may tend to drink the most when we are out with our friends on a Friday or Saturday night.

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