Learning to Hate Alcohol

hate alcoholDo you hate alcohol yet? If not, you need to face up to the truth. It’s going to be hard for you to quit drinking if you still have positive feelings toward alcohol.

After all, it’s simply human nature to want to hold onto something you like to do, or still care about in some way.

However, what if you CAN learn to genuinely HATE alcohol? Wouldn’t your journey from alcoholism to sobriety be made easier? The answer is yes – it will be MUCH, MUCH easier.

How to Hate Alcohol: It’s a Failed Relationship

Have you ever considered viewing your alcohol problem as a failed relationship? Sounds silly, I know … but just think about it for a moment. Haven’t you suffered through the heartache of a failed relationship at some point in your life? And hasn’t alcohol ALSO brought a tremendous amount of heartache into your life?

How did you get over that guy or girl who broke your heart? What helped you finally move on? More than likely, you started to focus on their shortcomings and the things they did wrong – rather than on any happy memories involving them. Eventually, the bad memories overwhelmed the good memories. You began to see yourself as being worthy of someone better in your life.

Use This Same Approach to Hate Alcohol

With this exact same mindset you can turn those warm and fuzzy feelings about alcohol into a genuine dislike. Not only for what it has done to you, but for what’s it is doing. Here are a few good ways to start hating alcohol:

  • Remember the Bad Times. Recalling the many bad memories you’ve experienced with alcohol is a solid foundation towards learning to hate it. I’ve previously referred to this as The Biggest Secret of Sobriety, because many problem drinkers only occasionally do it, instead of employing it as a deliberate strategy. You overcame a “broken heart” by remembering the bad times you had with someone. Likewise, you can develop a hatred towards alcohol by remembering how it’s destroyed your life.
  • Recognize How it’s STILL Hurting You. Alcohol is bad for you in every way possible. From your physical and mental health, to your family, finances and future goals. Noticing how it’s STILL destroying your life is yet another way to start to hate alcohol. You wouldn’t put up with a boyfriend or girlfriend causing this much pain and anguish in your life, so don’t let alcohol do it either!
  • Notice What It’s Doing to Others. We all know someone who’s life has deteriorated from alcohol abuse. Do they look years old than they are? Have they suffered a broken marriage or financial ruin from alcoholism? Perhaps they’ve even been in trouble with the law. If you’ve ever had a friend whose marriage fell apart, you probably were able to notice the signs long before it happened. Take the same approach with your relationship with alcohol: learn from the mistakes of others.

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