Truth About Alcohol is Unpleasant

truth about alcoholThe truth about alcohol is unpleasant. For far from being the bearer of good times, it actually brings pain and remorse into your life. It promises that you’ll feel good while drinking it, yet at the same time it silently wreaks havoc on your body, mind, relationships and finances.

And just when you may start to realize the great damage it is doing to you, it deceives you yet again into believing that it is somehow the best escape from the problems in your life. Problems that alcohol caused in the first place.

It also numbs you to the fact that alcohol damages the body in a hundred different ways. It is a cancer that takes hold of every area of your life, growing unseen year after year. Until one day you wake up and ask yourself “how did my life get so screwed up?”

Alcohol is also a thief, stealing money from you every chance it gets. Thousands upon thousands of your dollars have disappeared, simply flushed down the drain because of alcohol abuse. Money that could have bought a new car, a nice home, or simply saved for a rainy day.

It also steals your time, as hour after hour is wasted drinking a poison – instead of being spent with family and loved ones. Or spent on a hobby, or working, or doing something constructive. Furthermore, it steals your youth by making you appear years older than you really.

Alcohol causes premature graying (or losing) of your hair. It causes deep wrinkles and unsightly blemishes, and the complete loss of a healthy skin tone. All the while being even more destructive inside of your body, as it destroys one organ after another, which takes years off of your life.

The Truth About Alcohol: It’s Not an ESCAPE from Your Problems … It’s The CAUSE

Here’s the truth about alcohol: it isn’t an escape from your problems … it is the cause of your problems. And the sooner you learn how to stop drinking alcohol, the sooner your problems will disappear. With alcohol out-of-the-way, your life will begin to dramatically improve in every way possible.

Today is the day YOU need to do something about your alcohol problem. Even if you can only take a baby step towards sobriety, you MUST take that first step. Face up to the truth: it is time to root out the cause of your problems and remove it from your life. You’ll be thankful you did. ♦