Living Without Alcohol

No more alcoholOne of the hardest things for recovering alcoholics to do is to move on with their lives without alcohol. For those who found themselves dependent on it, it is often like parting with a good friend. But the key to living without alcohol is realizing that alcohol is not your friend. It has caused you a lot of trouble in your life and created pain and a sense of failure. Some people have lost jobs, spouses, and respect due to their addiction. That’s not what you want to be any longer. It’s time to move on.

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Hardest Part About Quitting

hardest part about quitting drinking Did you ever wonder what the HARDEST part about quitting is? The hardest part is often deciding how far do you have to go to get your drinking under control. How many changes to your lifestyle do you have to make?

Of course, it’s usually pretty easy to recognize when alcohol is destroying you. The debilitating effects of alcoholism are felt in every area of your life. From your physical appearance and personal relationships, to your employment and financial health – right down to a general feeling of being sick of the lifestyle.

No aspect of your personal or professional life is safe from the damage alcoholism causes. And the longer you drink the worse things tend to get.
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Is Alcoholism a Disease?

is alcoholism a diseaseIs alcoholism a disease that you have no control over? Many alcoholics who think so are actually giving themselves an excuse for their drinking problem. They want to make it SOUND like a confusing medical issue that the common person will not understand. It is an easy way to  deal with their alcoholism, while simultaneously not taking responsibility.

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Learning to Hate Alcohol

hate alcoholDo you hate alcohol yet? If not, you need to face up to the truth. It’s going to be hard for you to quit drinking if you still have positive feelings toward alcohol.

After all, it’s simply human nature to want to hold onto something you like to do, or still care about in some way.

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Can Alcohol Give You Man-Boobs?

man-boobsOne of the more embarrassing side-effects of drinking alcohol is that many men seem to develop “man-boobs”, as extra tissue builds up in their chest.

You can google “man-boobs” and you’ll get a million results, with everything from silly jokes to drastic remedies, including surgery (here’s a good, in-depth article).

Needless to say, enlarged breasts and shrunken testicles are characteristics that most men do not want. This is VERY serious stuff for the guys who suffer from it. So, are man-boobs a reality? Can alcohol really cause this? Read more Can Alcohol Give You Man-Boobs?

Alcohol Treatment Websites to Help You Get and STAY Sober

alcohol treatment websitesIn addition to my own site, there are a number of alcohol treatment websites that I can recommend based on their non-AA approach.

Some of these sites, of course, may have ideas that are a bit different from what you may see in my articles. But, that is exactly why you should keep your mind open to them. You simply never know when an article or idea hits home, and helps you move in the direction of being healthier.
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