Alcoholism Quiz

alcoholism quizThe purpose of this short alcoholism quiz is to help you see the priority you place on alcohol in your life. There is nothing physically harmful about a couple of drinks – now and then – but once we go over this amount we open a Pandora’s box of problems in our lives.

Are YOU in control of your life, or is ALCOHOL in control of your life? If, at the end of this alcoholism quiz, you discover that alcohol is running your life then you need to immediately take action so that things can CHANGE and your life gets better.

Be Honest With Yourself!

The results of this test depend on your being honest with yourself. Don’t just read this quiz … get a sheet of paper and a pen as this will force you to think about your answers before writing them down. There are ten questions, and you need to choose the ONE response that most represents what you would HONESTLY do.

1. You are home, and it’s around dinner time. You feel tempted to drink but you do not have any alcohol. Do you …

A. Eat dinner and resist going out for a few drinks?
B. Eat dinner and then perhaps go out later for a few drinks?
C. Immediately go out the liquor store and buy some alcohol to bring back home with dinner?
D. Immediately go out for a few drinks and get something to eat at a local bar or restaurant?
E. Skip dinner altogether and go out drinking?

2. You are out shopping, and you notice that your favorite alcoholic beverage is on sale. Assuming you have the money, do you …

A. Notice the sale but feel no desire at all to buy alcohol?
B. Notice the sale and, although tempted, you resist the temptation to buy alcohol just because it’s on sale?
C. Buy a small quantity to save a little money?
D. Buy a medium quantity so you can save a fair amount of money, and also have extra at home?
E. Buy a large quantity so you can save a lot of money, and also have a large supply at home?

3. You are out with friends, you’ve had a couple of drinks, and you’re thinking about leaving so you can drive safely. Your friends want you to stay and continue drinking. Do you …

A. Avoid the situation in the first place by not drinking alcohol before driving?
B. Tell them that you’ve had enough, thanks anyway, and then leave?
C. Stay longer, but only have non-alcoholic drinks?
D. Tell them that you’ll stay for just another couple of drinks, but then you need to go?
E. Stay as long as any of them do, knowing that you can out-drink them and still get home safely?

4. You have a splitting headache after drinking too much last night. Since your body is having withdraw symptoms, do you …

A. Avoid getting a headache in the first place by only having one or two drinks the night before, or not drinking at all?
B. Learn from your mistake, and vow to never again drink to the point that you have a headache the following day?
C. Take the day off from drinking, take some aspirin and go back to bed?
D. Take aspirin to help you feel better as soon as possible, because you’ll likely be drinking again later tonight?
E. Try to “bite back what bit you” by drinking alcohol and seeing if the headache goes away?

5. You are constantly tired and decide to go to the doctor’s to see if something is wrong physically. The doctor asks you how much you drink during the course of a week. Do you …

A. Be completely truthful, and vow to change your habits to become healthier and have more energy?
B. Admit to drinking too much, but not to as many drinks as you actually have because you’re embarrassed?
C. Admit to drinking too much, but joke about it with the doctor?
D. Tell the doctor that you only have a couple of drinks now and then, even though you drink nearly every day?
E. Admit to drinking a lot, but ignore your doctor’s advice to cut back because you don’t see it as a problem? (article continues below)