Help Me Stop Drinking, You Ask?

help me stop drinkingHave you ever screamed out “help me stop drinking”? You KNOW you need help to quit drinking, but can’t seem to find the answer anywhere?

You may even believe you have exhausted all possible forms of self-control and outside help, and simply see no solution in sight.

Before getting depressed or feeling helpless over your addiction, stop and think for a moment. You should ask yourself if you really DID exhaust all possible options for help.

Here are 4 areas for you to consider, and each one has proven to help countless others before you. One of these will also help YOU stop drinking, or at least put you on the road to moderation.

Asking Friends and Family for Help. This is often the most difficult area for many of us. It’s HARD to go to a family member and blurt out “help me stop drinking!” Simply put, an addiction is embarrassing. And no one is anxious to announce to friends and family that they have a serious problem with alcohol.

However, by not turning to those closest to us we are also cutting off all the love and support we might desperately need. Try broaching the subject with your spouse or significant other. Just mention that you feel you’re drinking too much and you want start living a healthier lifestyle.

You may find that he or she is not only very supportive, but is also willing to make a personal change in their own lives to help you. Maybe the both of you quitting together will actually make it easier to quit, as neither of you will want to disappoint the other.

Asking God for Help. I don’t know you personally, or how spiritual you are (or aren’t). But, I know one thing for sure: For whatever purpose you were born it was NOT to be an alcoholic!

The majority of people DO believe in a higher Being. And they DO recognize that Something is more powerful than they are. If you haven’t tried already, perhaps it is time to tap into this spiritual source for help in overcoming your alcoholism.

It IS important that you begin to reconnect to your spiritual side. You can start very slowly, with just a short private prayer in the morning and in the evening. Try talking to God – as you best understand God to be. Simply by saying “help me stop drinking”, you’ll find all the help and support you have ever needed was right there all along. (article continues below)