Living Without Alcohol

No more alcoholOne of the hardest things for recovering alcoholics to do is to move on with their lives without alcohol. For those who found themselves dependent on it, it is often like parting with a good friend. But the key to living without alcohol is realizing that alcohol is not your friend. It has caused you a lot of trouble in your life and created pain and a sense of failure. Some people have lost jobs, spouses, and respect due to their addiction. That’s not what you want to be any longer. It’s time to move on.

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Baby Step Towards Sobriety

baby stepCan a baby step towards sobriety be the BEST approach to quit drinking? It can IF quitting seems like an impossible task, requiring more strength than you have.

If you approach it as a baby trying to crawl before walking, you can steadily move in the direction of sobriety. This can be motivating, as these very small steps may not require a great deal of effort.

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Alcoholism and the Words You Speak

alcoholismAlcoholism is often made worse by the way you talk, because your own voice in your own ears is more important and more influential to you than the voice of anyone else.

Think about it: How do YOU sound to other people? Do you talk like someone who wants to be sober? Is that how other people really hear you? Or do you come across more as a wishful thinker? Someone who would like to be sober, would like to overcome their alcoholism, but doesn’t really expect to?
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ACTING Sober Will Help You BECOME Sober

acting sober“Acting sober” might have a negative connotation to it, but in reality it can help you become sober. Let me tell you what I mean, because it’s important to understand the concept.

Over the years you have probably heard the term “fake it til you make it”. Generally speaking, it means that a good way to gain self-confidence is to ACT like you already are confident. And as the “fake confidence” produces real success, that success will in-turn result in REAL confidence.

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