What is a Phantom Hangover?

After quitting drinkingOver
75 percent of moderate drinkers experience a hangover after drinking. This makes sense, where there is smoke, there is bound to be fire, right? But the phantom hangover is something completely different. Some heavy drinkers report that in the early stages after quitting alcohol, they often wake up feeling like they have a hangover without touching a single drink, similar to how some amputees report feelings and sensations in their now non existent limbsBut what causes the phantom hangover after quitting drinking, and what can you do about it? Read more What is a Phantom Hangover?

Can Alcohol Give You Man-Boobs?

man boobsOne of the more embarrassing side-effects of drinking alcohol is that many men seem to develop “man-boobs”, as extra tissue builds up in their chest.

You can google “man-boobs” and you’ll get a million results, with everything from silly jokes to drastic remedies, including surgery (here’s a good, in-depth article).

Needless to say, enlarged breasts and shrunken testicles are characteristics that most men do not want. This is VERY serious stuff for the guys who suffer from it. So, are man-boobs a reality? Can alcohol really cause this? Read more Can Alcohol Give You Man-Boobs?

Abstinence vs. Moderation

abstinenceThere are some questions about why my site doesn’t preach abstinence. This is a fair point, and I’ll address it briefly here.

The original intent of this site was to help people quit drinking, once and for all. But I’ve come to realize that some people CAN have a couple of drinks and still remain in control. Some people can’t do that, and it’s simply better for them to completely abstain. Read more Abstinence vs. Moderation

Do You Keep Failing to Quit Drinking?

keep failingIf you keep failing to quit drinking alcohol, the most important thing you can do is to use a DIFFERENT method of quitting than what you tried before (see: Overcome Alcoholism by Changing Your Strategy).

Did you try to quit cold turkey, and you were alright for a few days before giving in to temptation? Then try cutting back a little bit at a time. Oftentimes we fail because we’re trying to do too much at once, instead of simplifying the process by taking a baby step towards sobriety. Read more Do You Keep Failing to Quit Drinking?

Still Tired After Quitting Drinking?

still tiredAre you still tired despite having recently quit drinking? If so, please remember that you didn’t become addicted to alcohol overnight. So don’t expect that you will be free of its debilitating effects overnight, either.

You need to remember that your body converts alcohol to sugar, and in turn, this sugar becomes energy. Since you’re no longer drinking your body no longer has access to the sugar rush from alcohol, and you will likely experience a dramatic drop off in energy until your body becomes acclimated to an alcohol free lifestyle. Read more Still Tired After Quitting Drinking?