Hardest Part About Quitting

Hardest part about quitting drinkingDid you ever wonder what the HARDEST part about quitting is? The hardest part is often deciding how far do you have to go to get your drinking under control. How many changes to your lifestyle do you have to make?

Of course, it’s usually pretty easy to recognize when alcohol is destroying you. The debilitating effects of alcoholism are felt in every area of your life. From your physical appearance and personal relationships, to your employment and financial health – right down to a general feeling of being sick of the lifestyle.

No aspect of your personal or professional life is safe from the damage alcoholism causes. And the longer you drink the worse things tend to get.
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Can’t Quit Drinking? 4 Things To Do

can't quit drinkingDo you sometimes have the feeling that you CAN’T quit drinking, no matter how hard you try? You might feel a strong resolve one day, but the next day you’re emptying bottle after bottle.

It seems that no matter what you do or try, you always end up drinking again. And drinking way too much. What CAN you do to stop drinking when you constantly keep giving in to temptation?
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How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

how to quit drinking alcoholLike many people, you may have wondered how to quit drinking alcohol. If so, you’ve come to the right place, as here you will find the basic tools and information you need to do so – and all free of charge.

Of course, the best way to quit drinking can vary from person to person. Fortunately, there are 4 basic keys that will help you overcome your alcohol problem. Read more How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

The Temptation to Drink

temptation to drinkSometimes the temptation to drink seems stronger than our desire to cut back (or quit). We may even THINK about how to stop drinking, or how to get our alcohol consumption under control, WHILE we are downing another glass of our favorite booze.
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Are You AFRAID to Quit Drinking Alcohol?

afraid to quit drinking alcoholIf you are afraid to quit drinking, you might want to look into the specific reason you feel this way. I say this because sometimes those reasons are a mirage.

Sometimes what you WANT to do can seem harder that it actually is because you’re AFRAID to try. For example, you might want a raise, but you’re afraid of talking to your boss for fear that your job will be in jeopardy. Or, you WANT to ask someone out on a date, but you’re afraid of being rejected. When it comes to drinking alcohol, the FEAR of quitting is often a roadblock that prevents many people from even trying.
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30 Great Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

reasons to quit drinkingI’ve written before about the reasons to quit drinking alcohol, and outlined 5 things that will improve when you quit drinking alcohol. In case that didn’t convince you, here are a bunch more reasons to hammer the point home, and inspire you to decide to quit!

After reading this, you might want to read How to Quit Drinking Alcohol for a nice overview on how to quit. So, with that being said, here are 30 Great Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol:
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