Is Alcoholism a Disease?

is alcoholism a diseaseIs alcoholism a disease that you have no control over? Many alcoholics who think so are actually giving themselves an excuse for their drinking problem. They want to make it SOUND like a confusing medical issue that the common person will not understand. It is an easy way to  deal with their alcoholism, while simultaneously not taking responsibility.

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Become Sober by Avoiding These 8 Things

become soberSometimes we are so focused on what we SHOULD do that we forget to eliminate what we SHOULDN’T do. If you are looking to become sober then here are 8 things you should NOT be doing:

1. Don’t hang around people who tell you you’re helpless before alcohol. Yes, I’m specifically referring to AA and their idiotic 12 Steps here, but this would also apply to other people in your life. A lot of us have friends or family who believe in the “helplessness” idea of alcoholism, and they’re only too eager to convince you that you’re powerless. Don’t fall for it! Read more Become Sober by Avoiding These 8 Things

Alcoholics Anonymous and Powerlessness

avoid alcoholics anonymousAre you considering going to Alcoholics Anonymous? If so, it wouldn’t be surprising as AA does seem to be the go-to solution for many people who are seeking help.

For example, let’s imagine it’s New Year’s Day, and people around the world are coping with yet another alcohol-induced hangover. As a result, many are starting off the New Year with a resolution to stop drinking alcohol. Countless thousands will also consider Alcoholics Anonymous and its 12-Step program to help them overcome their addiction.
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Overcoming Alcoholism

overcoming alcoholismOvercoming alcoholism and learning how to stop drinking is not an easy task. Still, it’s one that millions of people attempt everyday. Before you can even begin to consider a life of abstinence, there are some important concepts to consider. Unless taken into account, they can either make or break any plan you have to get sober. Read more Overcoming Alcoholism

God and Alcoholism

god and alcoholismDo you believe in God? If so, what role should faith play to help you cut back on your drinking? Is it best to completely rely on a Supreme Being to give you the strength? Or does this mindset actually encourage you to continue drinking?

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Focus on Today, NOT on Past Alcoholism

past alcoholismThe question often comes up as to whether someone who is trying to quit drinking alcohol outside of a 12-Step program should attend Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings. Or, whether it is wise for someone who wishes to be sober to “socialize” with those who continually focus on how much alcohol has destroyed their lives, and have story after story to tell you about it.

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Alcohol Addiction Caused by AA

alcohol addictionMany people who struggle with an alcohol addiction consider going to Alcoholics Anonymous.

AA, through their 12-steps, claims to help those addicted to alcohol straighten out their lives. Some of the 12 steps are certainly well intended, and will indeed help the addict confront their addiction. Or at the very least,  help someone make amends for past mistakes.

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Myths of Alcoholism

3 myths of alcoholismThe myths of alcoholism are often repeated so often that it becomes difficult to distinguish them from the truth. This is especially accurate when the topic of conversation concerns Alcoholics Anonymous. Here are 3 of the more prevalent myths of alcoholism: Read more Myths of Alcoholism

Beware Those Who Mean Well!

beware those who mean wellIf you are considering going to AA or another 12-step type of program for alcoholism, please note that these kind of groups can often make it MORE difficult to quit drinking.

This happens because the members (though well-meaning) will constantly focus on the failings of your past, and your problems with alcohol – rather than helping you look forward to what positive changes can be made in your life. And by constantly focusing on your problem with alcohol, the problem itself somehow seems even bigger, and more impossible than ever to overcome. Read more Beware Those Who Mean Well!