Help Me Stop Drinking, You Ask?

Looking in the Mirror for Help. When you look in the mirror you will see the person who can change your life for the better! However, many people do not objectively look in the mirror because they are convinced that they are powerless before alcohol. The truth is that alcohol is powerless before you. And that alcoholism is simply a bad habit that you’ve acquired over the years.

When you look in the mirror it is essential to see the GOOD SIDE of yourself. Don’t see the person who is struggling with an alcohol addiction. Instead, see the person who has the ability to change, and (most importantly) wants to change. See the person you want to become, not the person you once were. You DO have the power to change!

Going to Rehab for Help. If you’re at the point where God seems to not be interested in helping you, and friends and family have turned away, and even the man in the mirror seems impotent, there IS one other area you can turn to for help. Rehab.

Thankfully there are many rehab facilities out there that are NOT 12-step based. Instead, they focus on how to change your lifestyle by changing your habits. If you’ve run out of options on how to quit drinking, then checking into rehab might not only be your last choice … it might be your best.

Saying “Help Me Stop Drinking” Means You’re on the Right Road

Finally, I want to say that no matter where you turn for help – whether family, God, rehab, or the man in the mirror, it’s imperative that you KEEP trying to find that help.

Because even if you’re not able to quit as easily as you had hoped, there is undoubtedly a feeling rising up inside of you that you’ve “had enough” of the alcoholic lifestyle.

And once you sense that feeling coming on, and hold onto it with all of your strength, you will truly be on the verge of finding all the help you need. ♦