Learning to Hate Alcohol

Tip: Learn from the mistakes of others, and get alcohol out of your life BEFORE it inevitably destroys you!

  • Get Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired. It’s not just enough to feel sick of the alcoholic lifestyle. You must get to the point where enough is enough. You’re no longer going to just feel bad about things, but you’re going to CHANGE YOUR HABITS so you life can get better. Think back to a troubled personal relationship you had, when one day you just KNEW that you had to get that toxic person out of your life. Take the same approach with alcohol, for it is the epitome of a toxic relationship!
  • Recognize the Alcohol Mirage. Sometimes we think back to a happy time, and we mistakenly believe that alcohol contributed to the happiness. When this happens you need to realize that it is a mirage, and immediately re-focus your mind on the many bad things that happened because of the booze. You could compare this to seeing your Ex at a party, and for a fleeting moment you remember the good times you had. But then the reality of the bad times comes flooding back, and you remember why you had to get that person out of your life. Alcohol is the same. Don’t let it fool you into thinking it can make you happy. It won’t, and you KNOW it won’t.

Alcohol and You: It Just Didn’t Work Out

The more you hate alcohol the easier it will be for you to quit drinking. And in the same way you overcame the heartache of a failed relationship, you can learn to TRULY hate alcohol by recognizing the heartache it has caused you. And, just like that toxic relationship that you knew had to end, your relationship with alcohol must also end if you are to be truly happy with your life.

Remember, you ARE worthy of having a better, happier life. It’s time to end your relationship with alcohol. Do it today, before it destroys one more thing in your life. ♦