30 Great Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Reasons to Quit Drinking: #11 – #20

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11. Your natural energy will slowly but surely return. Within just a few weeks you’ll find that you’re sleeping soundly and awakening more refreshed. You no longer will have to struggle to overcome the previous night’s drinking, nor rely on caffeine to make it through the day.

12. You will no longer worry about having a supply of booze. Gone will be the days of worrying about how much alcohol you have, or if the store is still open, or if you have enough for the night, or if you have enough money to buy some. You will be free from that worry!

13. Your sex life will improve immensely. Every aspect of your love life will be deeper, stronger, better – and much more fulfilled. Without alcohol in the way, you will be more passionate than you’ve ever been, and this is one of the more enjoyable reasons to quit drinking!

14. You will be more refreshed in the morning. Even if you’re the type of person who enjoys hitting the snooze button, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you awake. That feeling will be the new norm, as you no longer will have alcohol holding you back!

15. You won’t miss work due to drinking. There will be no need to lie to your boss about why you can’t make it in. Or, if you really hate your job, you will now have the time and energy to go out looking for a NEW job. And by being sober you’ll also look great at that new job interview!

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16. Your friends will admire you for having the strength to quit. Not only will they admire you for not drinking, but you will be a good example to them as they try to improve their lives as well!

17. You will stop wasting time sitting at a bar. No longer will you pathetically sit at a bar with other addicts gossiping about meaningless events. Instead, you will be out DOING things with your life!

18. Your five senses will return better than ever. As you begin to sober up you’ll find that your vision and hearing has improved. Food begins to taste and smell better than it has in years, and every little touch will mean more than it ever seemed to!

19. People will tell you how much better you look. Family, friends and coworkers will not only start telling you how much healthier you look, but they’ll be curious about how you did it! If you’re single, you’ll find a renewed interest from that special guy or girl you’ve always liked! Feels nice, doesn’t it?

20. You will no longer feel trapped by an addiction. The feeling of freedom from alcohol will be hard to suppress. In effect, you will feel like you’ve just been released from prison. Also, speaking of prison, you will no longer need to have one eye in the rear-view mirror, constantly worrying whether the police might pull you for driving while intoxicated!

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