30 Great Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Reasons to Quit Drinking: #21 – #30

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21. Nothing will come between you and your Creator. You will begin to appreciate the miracle of life, and the astonishing fact that YOU are alive. Every day will seem like a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the universe around you!

22. You will find joy in all the little things of life. Even little things like feeling the sun shine on your face, or taking a walk through the woods, or gazing up at the stars at night, will have joy all to themselves. Of all the reasons to quit drinking alcohol, this might be the best one!

23. Your family will love the new you. Every day your spouse and kids and loved ones will show their happiness with your lifestyle change. The “new you” will mean a lot to them!

24. You will feel better than you have in years. The sickness and tiredness that you’ve felt will be a thing of the past. You’ll have an overall “sense of well-being” as your mind, body and soul become healthier and stronger.

25. Your youthful exuberance for life will return. Alcohol will no longer be at the top of your daily list of priorities. Because of this, you will enjoy a renewed exuberance for doing things that you didn’t have the time, energy or money to do before.

(Tip: Write down your reasons for quitting, and put them in a place where you can see them every day!)

26. You will feel empowered with a new sense of self-worth. There is nothing like overcoming a major obstacle to make you feel proud and self-confident. Not only will this renewed sense of self-confidence make you feel better about your current situation, but it will be a powerful tool to help you as you go forward in life!

27. You will constantly smile and laugh. And this laughter will be genuine laughter, not the drunken stupidity of the past. This new-found humor of yours will also be contagious, and will be a magnet to draw friends and business associates to you!

28. You will realize how many blessings you have. The profound beauty of every little thing in your life will suddenly be made known to you. You will feel truly grateful as you count your many blessings every day!

29. You will be more optimistic about your future. As you begin to  feel stronger and more healthy, you will have a renewed sense of optimism for the days ahead of you. Because you’re not wasting your time and money on booze, you’ll be able to see a world filled with endless possibilities.

30. You will happier than ever with your life. This feeling of happiness will be deeply felt, and founded on a healthy body and mind. Do yourself a favor and quit drinking alcohol. You’ll be glad you did. ♦