Embrace Sobriety: 7 Ways to Reduce Your Focus on Alcohol

4. Join an Organization that Empowers You. You probably already know that 12-step programs promote learned helplessness. Rather than be helpless, join a club or group that concentrates on your healthy future, and empowers YOU with the knowledge and new skills necessary to improve your life. Prime examples are a local fitness or nature club, yoga or karate lessons, or even going back to school to further your education. Surround yourself with things that will lead to a brighter future.

5. See Less of Your Alcoholic Friends. This may sound cruel, but why surround yourself with people headed in the opposite direction of you? If you must see them, make sure it’s while they’re NOT drinking, as you do not need that negative energy in your life. They are surrounding themselves with alcohol, and will inevitably suffer all the negative consequences of alcoholism. You, however, are surrounding yourself with sobriety by avoiding negative influences.

Tip: Don’t hang around drunk people if you want to get sober!

6. See More of the People Who Already Have the Health You Want. Hang out with friends and family who are sober, healthy, and headed in a positive direction. If you don’t know many of these kind of people, consider joining a club to meet new friends, or attend lectures and meetings on topics that promote the kind of healthy lifestyle you admire. Let the good habits of healthy people rub off on you!

7. Embrace What is Good for Your Body. Remember what it was like to be playing outdoors as a child? While you may not have as many carefree hours, getting plenty of sunshine and exercise are a BIG part of getting sober. There is probably no better way to embrace sobriety than by filling your days with healthy outdoor exercise. Take a walk each day and remember how GREAT it is to be alive!

Caution: Nothing Changes Unless YOU Change

With the steps above you are getting alcohol-related things OUT of your life so sobriety-related things can come IN. But, you have to commit yourself to CHANGING. Nothing will change unless you change your daily habits.

It is important that you focus your time and energy on all that is sobriety-and-health related. As the alcohol-related things leave your life, sobriety-related things will enter. Soon, you’ll be healthier and happier than you’ve been in a long, long time. ♦