Thinking About Drinking?

thinking about drinkingDoes drinking seem to always be on your mind? Do you sincerely want to stop or cut back on your alcohol intake, and yet find yourself somehow focusing on it a good part of the day? In other words, do you keep thinking about drinking?

If this sounds like you, get ready for some offbeat advice that is a valuable tool to help you get your mind off of the booze. And it’s so simple you’ll be able to do it immediately! Read more Thinking About Drinking?

Kudzu and Alcoholism

kudzuI’ve read numerous articles over the years promoting the natural herb Kudzu as an excellent way to reduce alcohol cravings.

Many of the articles touted it as a virtual miracle cure for alcoholism. While other articles warned that it was nothing short of quackery! Being the rather objective guy I am, I decided to look a bit further into it to decide what was true, and what was simply hype.
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Self-Treatment for the Alcoholic

self-treatmentMost people who have quit drinking have done so on their own, without the need for an expensive treatment facility. This self-treatment begins by recognizing that one MUST change their daily habits if they are to be truly healthy and happy with their lives.

After committing to changing their lifestyle, they attack the problem from all directions. They do not let one mistake ruin their resolve, but change their approach when they need to.
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Fat, Drunk and Stupid

fat, drunk and stupidThe term “fat, drunk and stupid” should sound very familiar. You likely recognize it as one of the many memorable scenes in the classic movie Animal House.

In the movie, Dean Wormer confronted the Delta Tau Chi Fraternity members on their appallingly bad grade point averages. Kent Dorfman, aka Delta House’s Flounder, actually had one of the better GPA’s at 0.2!

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Alcoholics Anonymous and Powerlessness

avoid alcoholics anonymousAre you considering going to Alcoholics Anonymous? If so, it wouldn’t be surprising as AA does seem to be the go-to solution for many people who are seeking help.

For example, let’s imagine it’s New Year’s Day, and people around the world are coping with yet another alcohol-induced hangover. As a result, many are starting off the New Year with a resolution to stop drinking alcohol. Countless thousands will also consider Alcoholics Anonymous and its 12-Step program to help them overcome their addiction.
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Alcoholism and the Words You Speak

alcoholismAlcoholism is often made worse by the way you talk, because your own voice in your own ears is more important and more influential to you than the voice of anyone else.

Think about it: How do YOU sound to other people? Do you talk like someone who wants to be sober? Is that how other people really hear you? Or do you come across more as a wishful thinker? Someone who would like to be sober, would like to overcome their alcoholism, but doesn’t really expect to?
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ACTING Sober Will Help You BECOME Sober

acting sober“Acting sober” might have a negative connotation to it, but in reality it can help you become sober. Let me tell you what I mean, because it’s important to understand the concept.

Over the years you have probably heard the term “fake it til you make it”. Generally speaking, it means that a good way to gain self-confidence is to ACT like you already are confident. And as the “fake confidence” produces real success, that success will in-turn result in REAL confidence.

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