Alcoholics Anonymous and Powerlessness

Think about being “powerless” for a moment. Ask yourself the following question: Will I ever truly overcome ANYTHING if I believe myself to be powerless before it? The answer is, of course, no. And the answer will remain “no” whether you’re trying to get over an addiction to alcohol, the heartache of a failed relationship, or anything else in your life.

You will never truly get over something as long as you consider IT to be superior to you, and you powerless before IT. This belief weakens you before the very thing that you need to be strong against.

It is learned helplessness, and will cause you to develop a victim mentality. Even worse, your struggle against alcoholism will haunt you for the rest of your life. Fortunately, there is a better “first step” to overcome alcohol addiction, and it’s the opposite of AA’s First Step.

A Better 1st Step: Empower Yourself

The first step toward overcoming alcohol addiction is to recognize these truths:

  • YOU have the power to control what does or doesn’t go into your body
  • The only power that alcohol ever had over you was the power that you gave it
  • No inanimate object has control over your life
  • Alcoholism is NOT a disease that you are powerless against
  • Alcohol IS a BAD HABIT that has wormed its way into your life

You must recognize the fact that you already have the willpower to decide what to put into your body. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you will be free from the debilitating effects of alcohol addiction.

Self Empowerment is only the first step toward an alcohol free lifestyle. However, it is such an important concept that all subsequent steps will become substantially easier to handle.

I can not more strongly urge you to AVOID 12 step programs that empower the addiction, and weaken you. Instead, choose to Empower Yourself, and start living life to its fullest today.

Are you “powerless” before alcohol? Not in the least! The truth is alcohol is powerless before YOU. ♦