Get Sober by Avoiding These 2 Mistakes

get soberYou probably have plenty of good reasons to get sober. But if you are sincere about sobering up, there are two major mistakes to avoid at any cost. These mistakes are so powerful, that they have the power to sabotage all of your efforts to GET sober.

Conversely, by avoiding these two mistakes you continually empower yourself, and your day-to-day resolve to avoid alcohol will  grow stronger and stronger. Now, here are the two mistakes to avoid at any cost:

Mistake #1: Skipping Meals

Nearly all alcoholics tend to “drink” at least one of their meals each day. That is, instead of eating a nutritious and filling meal, they will have several (or many) alcoholic drinks. Think back to the last day you ate 3 or 4 good, solid meals AND abused alcohol. Can’t remember? That’s because it probably didn’t happen.

Oh, you may have had a couple of drinks with a full meal. But it’s highly unlikely that you truly abused alcohol the same day you ate 3 or 4 meals. That’s because when it comes to eating well OR abusing alcohol, it’s one OR the other for nearly everyone, not both. Food and alcohol simply send different signals to your brain and body. One fills you up, leaves you feeling satisfied and contented, and gives your body the essential nutrients it needs for you to look and feel your best.

Tip: Food is your greatest friend in the fight against alcoholism!

The other is almost immediately converted to sugar. This gives your body a false sense of empowerment from the “sugar high”. In reality, it offers nothing of nutritional value for your body. And when you’re knee-deep in the midst of a sugar rush, you’re simply not going to turn around and enjoy a full-course meal. Your body simply wants more sugar, which it can immediately get from alcohol. It does NOT want real nutrition from whole, solid foods.

Likewise, when you’re in the habit of eating 3 or 4 solid meals a day, your body no longer sends you signals that it wants that sugar rush from alcohol. Instead, a full stomach of real food sends warm, contented feelings throughout your mind and body.

Your first “secret weapon” to get sober is to eat at least 3 square meals a day. You must never, ever skip a meal – especially if alcohol is causing problems in your life. And when you make 100% certain that you enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll be amazed at how low – or nonexistent – the urge is to drink alcohol becomes. (article continues below)