ACTING Sober Will Help You BECOME Sober

acting sober“Acting sober” might have a negative connotation to it, but in reality it can help you become sober. Let me tell you what I mean, because it’s important to understand the concept.

Over the years you have probably heard the term “fake it til you make it”. Generally speaking, it means that a good way to gain self-confidence is to ACT like you already are confident. And as the “fake confidence” produces real success, that success will in-turn result in REAL confidence.

Thousands of people in all walks of life, from rock stars and politicians to artists and teachers, have used this method and have testified to it producing amazing results. The good news is that this little trick can also be used by those who are fighting alcoholism or alcohol abuse. Simply stated, by utilizing this method you can BECOME sober simply by acting like you ALREADY ARE sober.

Why this works might seem hard to grasp at first, but it’s really quite simple: when we “act the part” we subconsciously begin to adopt the habits and thought patterns required that will eventually result in us attaining that which we wanted. Acting like you ALREADY HAVE SOMETHING is the first step to actually ATTAINING that which you want! So here’s your chance to be that actor or actress you’ve always wanted to be!

3 Keys to Acting Sober

1. Pay Attention to What You Say: How does a sober person talk? How does that contrast to an alcoholic’s speech? The answers are pretty obvious. A person who lives a sober lifestyle very seldom even TALKS of alcohol, as it has little or no meaning. A person who has an alcohol addiction, however, will constantly speak of their drinking. Acting sober means YOU must talk like a sober person. Remove any reference to alcohol from your speech. Remember, alcohol has no meaning to you when you act sober. Talk like you’ve been sober for years, even if it’s only been for a few days!

2. Pay Attention to What You Do: What does a sober person do each day? How does that contrast to what an alcoholic does? Again, the answers are obvious. The person who is sober will do things that DO NOT involve alcohol, where the alcoholic seems to find ways to involve alcohol in every activity. YOU must do the things that a sober person would do. START doing things that have NOTHING to do with alcohol, and STOP doing things that are alcohol-related.

3. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts: What does a sober person think about? How does that contrast to what an alcoholic thinks about? Again, we all know the answers to these two questions. The sober person will have thousands of thoughts each day, and VERY FEW will have anything to do with alcohol. The alcoholic, by contrast, will likewise have thousands of thoughts each day, but a large number will have to do with alcohol. Remember, you want to THINK like a sober person would. So FILL YOUR MIND with thoughts that have nothing to do with alcohol. (Here’s an article on how to stop thinking about drinking).

Keep Acting Sober

So, you want to get sober? You want to start living a healthier lifestyle? Begin RIGHT NOW by acting like you ALREADY ARE SOBER and ALREADY LIVE a healthy lifestyle. Before you know it, you will BECOME the type of person you want to become by “acting the part” today. ♦