Get Sober by Avoiding These 2 Mistakes

Mistake #2: Keeping Alcohol at Home or Work

You may have fallen into the trap of purchasing a large quantity alcohol to keep at home or work. Perhaps it was to “save” a few extra bucks. Or, because you don’t want to bother running out to the store when you have company over. Or, maybe you just like having some around the house “if” you feel like drinking later on. Of course, what usually happened when you did this is that you ended up drinking alcohol simply because it was there. And you possibly would NOT have drank alcohol if you had to run to a liquor store to buy it.

You have made an environment that is full of contradictions. You WANT a healthy body, and you WANT to have more money – but you are SURROUNDING yourself with things that HAVE TO lead to the OPPOSITE result. If you keep alcohol at home you are acting in much the same way as an overweight person who inwardly desires to lose weight, but keeps his or her cabinet and refrigerator stocked with junk food.

Tip: Make your home and office alcohol-free zones!

You simply are NOT going to get the result you want if you constantly surround yourself with things that lead in the OPPOSITE direction. It will be next to impossible for you to feel healthier and happier –  and get sober – as long as you make it EASY and CONVENIENT to drink alcohol.

Your second “secret weapon” to get sober is to never, ever keep alcohol at home or work. When you stop keeping alcohol around your home and office it becomes LESS CONVENIENT drink and EASIER to abstain. There might be times when you feel tempted to go out to the store and buy an alcoholic beverage. But by making it a less CONVENIENT to drink, you are thereby making it easier to spend another day clear-headed and sober. And you’ll guarantee yourself another day of waking up feeling good about yourself and your life.

Get Sober Starting Today

You greatly improve your ability to get sober when you don’t skip meals or store alcohol at home. Don’t allow yourself to make those 2 BIG mistakes. You’ll soon be on your way to feeling healthier and happier than you have in a long, long time. ♦