Thinking About Drinking?

thinking about drinkingDoes drinking seem to always be on your mind? Do you sincerely want to stop or cut back on your alcohol intake, and yet find yourself somehow focusing on it a good part of the day? In other words, do you keep thinking about drinking?

If this sounds like you, get ready for some offbeat advice that is a valuable tool to help you get your mind off of the booze. And it’s so simple you’ll be able to do it immediately!

Purposely Steer Your Mind in Another Direction

Although your thoughts dictate your actions, it’s important to realize that the reverse of this is also true. That is, your words and actions can greatly influence your thoughts, and steer your mind in another direction. And as soon as you get your mind OFF of alcohol you’ll be LESS likely to drink it later in the day.

For example, suppose you and I are sitting at a table, and you are talking about how hard it is to avoid drinking alcohol, or how much fun you had one time while drunk. You go on and on with story after story about alcohol and you.

Your mind is focused on alcohol, you can talk for hours about it, and it’s obvious for me to see that you’ll probably be drinking it later on, as well. You’re thinking about drinking, and by focusing so much on it I can tell you INTEND to do it.

Now, imagine if I suddenly asked you about something I know you’re interested in. Say, politics. You may give me a short answer at first, because your mind is still focused on drinking. But, the more we talk about politics the more your thoughts turn to the subject of politics, and away from drinking.

The words you are speaking are steering your mind away from alcohol. Your thoughts begin to match the subject of your conversation.

2 Ways to Stop Thinking About Drinking

  • CHANGE YOUR WORDS. Deliberately start talking out loud about a non-alcohol subject that you’re interested in. Even if you’re alone, go ahead and talk. I won’t tell anyone. Example: take 5 minutes to talk about your favorite musical group. Why you love them? How have their songs have influenced you? What’s your favorite song from them, or happiest memory? Why this works: talking about a non-alcohol subject will steer your mind in the direction of whatever you are talking about, and away from alcohol. You will start to THINK about the subject at hand.
  • CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS. Deliberately take any action that has nothing to do alcohol. Example: take a 5 minute walk, or take 5 minutes to straighten your house or apartment. Or, call someone on the phone, just to say hi. Why this works: doing something that doesn’t involve alcohol will steer your mind in the direction of whatever you are doing. You will start to THINK about the activity at hand.

If you are having trouble overcoming your addiction to alcohol because drinking seems to “always be on your mind”, then try the steps above. You’ll soon notice that your thoughts begin to wander away from the subject of alcohol, and your mind begins to focus on the subject or activity at hand.

In short, you will stop constantly thinking about drinking. Whether it’s your words or your actions, you are forcing your mind to think of something else rather than alcohol.

Mind Games

Even though you’re only spending 5 minutes on these little exercises, you are guiding your mind in a different direction. It’s basically mind games, as John Lennon sang about!

Rather than wallowing in your temptation to drink, give your mind SOMETHING ELSE to think about. Once you get your mind off of booze, your actions will soon follow. Try it. You’ll be glad you did. ♦