5 Essential Daily Habits to Fight Alcoholism

Essential Daily Habit #4: Exercise

Exercising on a daily basis might be the best long-term solution to alcoholism, as the healthier you are the less desire you will have to abuse alcohol. Mostly because you when you are healthy you tend to want to DO things, not sit around a bar wasting time and money!

If you haven’t exercised in a while you can even start out with just a walk around the block – and then add a block or two every day. Before you know it you’ll be exercising for 20 minutes a day. If the weather is bad there are many exercise-at-home videos that are both fun and effective.

Essential Daily Habit #5: Get Sunshine and Fresh Air

A few years ago it was widely believed that more than a few minutes of exposure to the sun was dangerous. Scientists have since discovered that the Vitamin D we receive via from sunlight has a whole plethora of health benefits.

There is possibly no easier way for you to help your body heal than getting a healthy dose of natural sunshine. Furthermore, a few minutes of sunshine and fresh air each day will do wonders for your mood!

Fight Alcoholism With These Essential Daily Habits

  • Drink Plenty of Water – The best way to give your body what it needs most
  • Eat Plenty of Food – The single, most-effective way to reduce alcohol cravings
  • Take Organic, Whole-Food Vitamins – Quality supplements help nourish the body
  • Proper Exercise – The best long-term solution to alcoholism or alcohol abuse
  • Sunshine and Fresh Air – There’s no easier way to help your body heal than vitamin D

Water, food, vitamins, exercise and sunshine are your best weapons against a temptation to abuse alcohol. When you make each of these a daily habit you can almost guarantee yourself a life free of the debilitating effects of alcoholism. ♦