Beat Alcoholism by Recognizing Your Weaknesses

beat alcoholismIf you’re wondering how you can beat alcoholism, you first have to analyze your drinking habits.

There are many different kinds of alcohol, and many different circumstances under which we will drink it. Over the years you have probably gravitated toward one or two specific types of alcohol. And you tend to drink it most often in one or two specific environments. A lot of us may tend to drink the most when we are out with our friends on a Friday or Saturday night.

Others have the habit of getting drunk at home, while sitting in front of the television. Perhaps because they would feel embarrassed at the prospect of friends or co-workers seeing them intoxicated in public. Chances are that sometimes you DO abuse alcohol, and sometimes you do NOT.

You Can Beat Alcoholism by Learning from Your Own Mistakes

Notice under what circumstances you tend to lose control. When you have figured out the area of your life that you are most likely to abuse alcohol you will have gained valuable insight on how to take the best action to overcome your addiction.

For example, if a glass of wine at dinner is satisfying to you, but on the weekends you’re getting drunk, then you KNOW where your problem is, right? It really doesn’t make sense for you to beat yourself up over those few glasses of wine during the week, as it doesn’t cause you NEARLY the problems that your weekend binge drinking is.

If this article concerned dieting, I might advise you to not worry about eating the occasional doughnut for lunch, because it’s those 3 slices of pizza you’re eating before bedtime that’s causing you the real harm!

Keeping Alcohol at Home was MY Weakness

When I decided to cut back drinking, the most important thing was to STOP keeping alcohol at home. By not having that constant temptation to drink I found it easier to cut back on my overall consumption. In fact, I often avoided drinking completely simply because it wasn’t there. MY biggest weakness was storing alcohol at home, because that usually led to my drinking too much.

So, what IS the biggest problem area of your life concerning alcohol, and how can you change it? How can you BEAT alcoholism? If your biggest problem is weekend binge drinking with your friends, then how can you change your behavior? Do you need to meet them in a different environment? Or earlier or later in the evening? Or, maybe it’s the TYPE of alcohol you’re drinking? Perhaps a glass of wine doesn’t cause you any problems, but you’re getting carried away with beer or hard liquor?

Recognize under what circumstances you are abusing alcohol, and make up your mind to change something about that particular circumstance. Whether it’s not storing alcohol at home, avoiding a certain type of drink, or not doing “shots”. There has to be something that you can change about one of your drinking habits.

Analyze the what, why and where of your drinking. You will soon have a better understanding of your own weaknesses, and you’ll take a big step toward overcoming them.

Do Something About Your Problem

There is nothing wrong in having a weakness, as everyone has some in certain areas of their lives. But, once you recognize your own weakness, you absolutely must take steps to overcome it to truly heal your mind, body and spirit. The bottom line is that TODAY you MUST take a baby step towards sobriety … and start changing your life for the better.

Don’t let another second go by without DOING SOMETHING about your problem. You’ll be glad you did. ♦