Cut Back Drinking: 7 Ways to Sober Up

Cut Back Drinking Tip #4: Food is Your friend, Alcohol is Not:

Food gives your body all the necessary nutrients to help you feel and look your best. Alcohol is the complete opposite. It ROBS your body of water, and PREVENTS vitamin absorption. Make sure you get in the habit of eating 3 or 4 square meals a day. The temptation to drink alcohol will often vanish after a full meal. Check out Get Sober by Avoiding These 2 Mistakes for more information.

Cut Back Drinking Tip #5: Replace Time Spent Drinking with Another Habit:

Rather than plopping your butt down on the local bar stool and drinking all night, think of ANOTHER WAY you can spend your time. A way that would be beneficial to you and your loved ones. Maybe it’s getting a part-time job, or going back to school, or staying home with your family. Whatever it is, it’s imperative that you REPLACE the alcoholism habit with a healthy habit during those hours you used to drink. As soon as you start doing something different your life will BE different.

Cut Back Drinking Tip #6: Start Skipping a Day

Many people who have trouble with an alcohol addiction drink every day. A great way to cut back on your consumption is to skip a day(s) so that your body can heal a bit. If you’re not sure you have the power to skip a day try eating a full dinner, or working later than usual, and see if that helps you feel tired enough to go to bed without drinking. If you’re not able to skip at day then first try to postpone your drinking an hour later than normal. Once you have the strength, skip a day entirely. Take notice of how good you feel in the morning after NOT drinking the night before!

Cut Back Drinking Tip #7: Attack the Problem from Multiple Directions:

Alcoholism is a stubborn thing. It can destroy our lives in a multitude of ways. The good news, however, is that this problem can also be attacked in a multitude of ways. There are probably a 100 different LITTLE things you can do to start reducing your intake.

Make up your mind to do something about your drinking problem. It doesn’t matter how small of a step you take, as long as you take action. Once you do that, you’ll be on your way to feeling healthier than you have in a long, long time. ♦