God and Alcoholism

god and alcoholismDo you believe in God? If so, what role should faith play to help you cut back on your drinking? Is it best to completely rely on a Supreme Being to give you the strength? Or does this mindset actually encourage you to continue drinking?

For example, Alcoholic’s Anonymous teaches that only the power of God can conquer your addiction. Step #1 lays the foundation by stating “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol.” The other steps outline exactly Who will be ultimately responsible for whether you avoid alcohol.

According to AA only God CAN help you beat alcoholism. And only IF you completely surrender to His will. On the other hand, you are powerless before your addiction. It is stronger than you are, and you can’t do anything about it.

The tragedy is that it is easier to drink alcohol when you are not responsible for your own actions. It is simply no longer “your fault” if you give in to temptation. In fact, those who have attended AA meetings admit to this being AA’s “dirty little secret.”

AA’s Dirty Little Secret

It is commonplace for AA members to go out drinking immediately after their meeting. They do this even though they truly WANT to quit drinking. Even after listening to endless stories of how alcohol has destroyed the lives of those in their group.

Why would they do this? First, they’ve come to believe that they are completely powerless before their addiction. Secondly, they believe that God is the only one who CAN give the strength they need. Thus, they no longer need to look inside themselves for the solution to their problem.

They are free to go back to their daily routine since it’s no longer their responsibility to resist drinking. The bottom line is that they will stop drinking as soon as God gives them the strength to stop drinking. In the meantime there’s no sense trying, is there?

God and Alcoholism: You Have to Do Your Part

It is my belief that you should seek God’s help in overcoming any major problem you face in life. Obviously including alcoholism. But DON’T just continue in your habits while you are waiting on God to help you. Instead, be proactive and change your habits as best as you are able. Seek God’s help – but don’t expect God to do all the work.

God helps those who help themselves. By all means ask God to help you overcome your addiction. Ask ten times a day, if you have to. Just don’t forget to also help yourself by resisting the urge to abuse alcohol as best you are able.

In addition to your faith, you must take an honest look at your life. Look in the mirror and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions. Doing this will finally put you on the road to sobriety, and toward true health and happiness. ♦