Become Sober by Avoiding These 8 Things

become soberSometimes we are so focused on what we SHOULD do that we forget to eliminate what we SHOULDN’T do. If you are looking to become sober then here are 8 things you should NOT be doing:

1. Don’t hang around people who tell you you’re helpless before alcohol. Yes, I’m specifically referring to AA and their idiotic 12 Steps here, but this would also apply to other people in your life. A lot of us have friends or family who believe in the “helplessness” idea of alcoholism, and they’re only too eager to convince you that you’re powerless. Don’t fall for it!

2. Don’t hang around friends, family or coworkers who embrace alcohol. Surrounding yourself with those who enjoy the lifestyle that you’re looking to avoid is tantamount to failure. If you don’t presently have friends headed in a healthier direction, then at least make sure to limit your exposure to such negative influences.

3. Don’t keep reliving and rehashing the mistakes of the past. No matter how much you think about the past, or regret the mistakes you made, YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT. Don’t waste time by constantly focusing on what you once were – as Alcoholic’s Anonymous wants you to do – but focus on what you want to become!

4. Don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you. Chances are that if you’re battling an alcohol addiction you’re also experiencing some moderate-to-severe health issues. Don’t ignore these signs! It’s your body’s way to telling you that something is seriously wrong inside, and unless you drastically change your lifestyle, an early grave is inevitable.

5. Don’t keep doing the same things if you want different results. In other words, as soon as you start doing something different, you will get different results! The bottom line is that you will need to CHANGE YOUR HABITS if you truly want to see different results.

6. Don’t let one mistake ruin your resolve. We all screw up, but we all have the opportunity to try yet again. The important thing to remember is that a failure to quit drinking is NOT a reflection on you, but on the STRATEGY you employed. Try a different approach and you will get different results!

7. Don’t keep bar-ware at your home or work. Many people want to quit drinking, but yet keep their kitchen cabinet full of wine, beer and shot glasses. If you do this you are TELLING YOURSELF that you intend to drink by keeping these daily reminders in your life. Just get rid of them. Changing your environment might be the easiest and quickest way to getting alcohol out of your life.

8. Don’t talk or act like you’re an alcoholic. The way that you talk or act is what anchors you to the lifestyle you presently have. To break out of your current situation you need to talk/act like you ALREADY ARE a different person, and ALREADY LEAD a sober lifestyle. You have to act the part to become what you wish to become!

Become Sober by Avoiding Bad Habits

The best part about NOT doing something bad is that you then make room to allow good things to come into your life. And what better thing is there than to become sober?

Make up your mind to STOP doing the things that are holding you back. You will soon find that all the good things – the things you wanted all along – will suddenly come pouring into your life. Why not start you journey to become sober today? ♦