Alcohol Addiction Caused by AA

alcohol addictionMany people who struggle with an alcohol addiction consider going to Alcoholics Anonymous.

AA, through their 12-steps, claims to help those addicted to alcohol straighten out their lives. Some of the 12 steps are certainly well intended, and will indeed help the addict confront their addiction. Or at the very least,  help someone make amends for past mistakes.

However, there is a flaw in the very foundation of the 12 step program, and it empowers the alcohol addiction. This flaw can lead to a lifetime of dependence and requires that the addict struggle “one day at a time” to overcome his or her alcoholism. Unfortunately in a 12 steps program, this “one day at a time” struggle will never end. And it’s all because of that first step.

In case you need a refresher, AA’s First Step is as follows: “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.” To you, that may seem to be a fairly innocent first step. Perhaps even helpful or necessary. After all, the addict must admit his weakness so he can start getting the help he needs. However, this first step is as dangerous of a first step as any that could be taken.

“Powerless” is a VERY Bad First Step

Believing that you are powerless before alcohol is possibly the worst mindset you can have. This approach does nothing more than teach you learned helplessness. That is, you will continue to believe yourself helpless to change even when the opportunity arises for you to change. By believing you are powerless before alcohol you are actually weakening yourself against the very thing that you must be strong against!

Empower Yourself to Overcome An Alcohol Addiction

The first step toward overcoming alcohol addiction is to empower yourself by recognizing these 3 truths:

  • You already have all the strength and willpower you need to overcome your addiction
  • You already have the power to control what does or doesn’t go into your body
  • The only power that alcohol ever had over you was the power that you gave it

The fact is that you already have the God-given willpower to overcome your addiction to alcohol. When you recognize that fact you will be well on your way to being free from the negative effects of alcoholism in your life.

Self empowerment is only the first step toward an alcohol free lifestyle. It is such an important foundational belief that all subsequent steps will become easier. I can not more strongly urge you to AVOID 12 step programs that empower the addiction, and weaken you.

So, choose to empower yourself. Your alcohol addiction will soon be a part of your past, and you can start living life to its fullest today. Are you “powerless” before alcohol? Not in the least! The truth is, alcohol is powerless before you. ♦