Overcoming Alcoholism

overcoming alcoholismOvercoming alcoholism and learning how to stop drinking is not an easy task. Still, it’s one that millions of people attempt everyday. Before you can even begin to consider a life of abstinence, there are some important concepts to consider. Unless taken into account, they can either make or break any plan you have to get sober.

One factor to deeply consider are the genuine reasons why the alcohol problem exists in the first place. If you ask many alcoholics why they overdo it with drinking, they will usually have a myriad of answers to offer. They will blame their spouse, or their job, or a lack of money, or lost dreams. The list can go on and on.

When these excuses are closely examined, however, they will discover that it was their drinking problem that caused most of the issues in the first place. Look at why YOU drink, and you’ll likely see the same answer. After recognizing that alcohol is the cause, you then need to commit yourself to doing something about it.

Can You Stop Whenever You Feel Like it?

An excuse that many alcoholics repeat is that they are able to stop over drinking whenever they feel like it. The problem is they never FEEL like it. Whether from fear in general or a fear of failure, they are unable to get themselves to the place where they can take the first steps toward recovery. This feeling of loss of control is a very hard one for many alcoholics to handle.

If you fear quitting, it’s important to remember that “cold turkey” isn’t always the best plan of action. Although some people are able to address their problem on their first attempt, it is important to remember that persistence is the key to overcoming an addiction. Without it, success can be much more difficult.

Overcoming Alcoholism is Easier With the Right Mindset

Many people consider alcoholism as a disease, but it is simply a bad habit that many of us have. Just like other bad habits, it too can be broken. Remember, bad habits like alcoholism not only ruin your life, but destroy the lives of family and friends as well.

Develop the mindset that alcohol is powerless over you, not vice-versa. You CAN change your actions and start living a healthier lifestyle. You just have to make up your mind to do it, and then take action.

Don’t let this bad habit destroy you any longer, but take the proper steps to start and follow through with a solid alcoholism recovery plan. You’ll be glad you did. ♦