Baby Step Towards Sobriety

baby stepCan a baby step towards sobriety be the BEST approach to quit drinking? It can IF quitting seems like an impossible task, requiring more strength than you have.

If you approach it as a baby trying to crawl before walking, you can steadily move in the direction of sobriety. This can be motivating, as these very small steps may not require a great deal of effort.

The idea behind taking a baby step is that you constantly build momentum towards your goal. Taking smaller, easier-to-achieve steps will help you make steady progress, and every step afterwards becomes just a little bit easier to achieve.

To start getting control of your drinking habit, you only need to take one small step in that direction. But you need to keep on taking those same, small steps. Now, here is the Baby Step Method to Get Sober.

1. List All the Things You Can Do To Cut Back on Drinking. This means everything, no matter how big or how little, no matter how easy or hard. You can probably come up with a 100 of these, but for right now make sure that you have at least 20 to start off with. Here are a few examples: Stop going to local bar. Do not keep alcohol at home. Don’t have alcohol with dinner. Don’t run up a bar tab. Stop meeting friends after work for happy hour. Never skip a meal. Do not drink before 5pm. Never drink if working the next day. Do not drink in front of children. Do not drink on consecutive days. Never drink shots or hard liquor.

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