The Biggest Secret to Sobriety

secret to sobrietyEvery one of us has made mistakes in our lives and gotten involved in things that, in hindsight, we wish we hadn’t. For the most part, these mistakes consisted of drug and alcohol abuse which brought pain and misery into the lives of each of us, as well as our loved ones. As we get older and wiser, and desire to be more healthy, we try to overcome these addictions, and yet find that some are easier to fall by the wayside than others.

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Quit Drinking: The Power of Your Imagination

quit drinkingHave you ever imagined what it would be like to quit drinking? You probably have, because most people have a great imagination.

They imagine getting a new job, being better looking, or meeting that special someone. Or, they dream of wining the lottery, since being rich can bring all the material things they’ve always wanted.

They also dream about being thinner, or younger, or smarter. They may wonder what their life would have been like had they done things differently in the past.

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