12 Reasons to Cut Back on Excessive Drinking

excessive drinkingExcessive drinking can sure sneak up us you, can’t it? We can get so caught up in the “fun” of doing something, that we fail to realize how it’s actually destroying our lives.

Since an alcohol addiction is a perfect example of how we can “lose track” of the bigger picture, here are 12 reasons you should immediately cut back on your excessive drinking.

1. Money. Since you’re no longer throwing money away on alcohol, you’ll immediately have more money to spend. Think about it, how much extra money would you have right now if you simply eliminated those extra drinks that you didn’t need each week? By cutting back on those extra few drinks you’ll thus be able to spend it on other things that make you happy.

2. Sleep. Without all this booze wreaking havoc on your body, you’ll immediately start sleeping better. There is possibly no easier way to improve the quality of your sleep than removing alcohol from your life.

3. Energy. You’ll immediately have more energy. As a direct result of getting a more restful night’s sleep you will find that your energy has returned.

4. Looks. Your complexion will clear and you will look more youthful. Other than smoking, alcohol is probably the quickest way to add years to your looks. In just a few weeks (and perhaps sooner) you’ll look remarkably better!

5. Lose Weight. You will begin to lose weight and/or get in shape. Not only are the empty calories of alcohol hurting you, but you will no longer feel the need to consume junk foods.

6. Body Aches. You’ll have fewer headaches, body aches, and general nausea. Those aches and pains were because of alcohol, which has long been known to block vitamin absorption and prevented your body from getting the necessary nutrients.

Tip: If your friends all drink excessively, then it might be time to find some new friends!

7. Sober Driving. Most of us have memories of glancing nervously in the rear-view mirror as a police car trails us, but you’ll no longer have to worry about getting a DUI or DWI. Now if you see one … relax! (unless you were speeding, of course) 🙂

8. Sex. Your sex life will improve. There is probably nothing worse for your love life than excessive drinking. Even moderate drinking has also been linked to various sexual issues.

9. Self Control – You’ll feel more in control and less stressful. The feeling of self-control will truly be amazing for you, and life as a whole will somehow feel not as stressful as before.

10. Health. You’ll cut your risk of a serious alcohol-related illness over the long-term. Chances are that your body has already been sending you signals that you’re drinking too much. Do NOT ignore those internal aches and pains, but listen to your inner voice!

11. Confidence. You’ll feel good about yourself and what you’ve achieved. You will feel a deep sense of satisfaction and self-confidence you’ve taken the necessary steps to make your life better.

12. Time. You’ll gain the most important asset possible: time. If you could have back all the countless hours you’ve sat at a bar(or elsewhere) with a drink in hand, how much time would you gain? Cutting back on excessive drinking allows you to reclaim much of what you WOULD have wasted in the coming months and years. This is “found time”, and it’s almost like being given extra time to live.

Don’t Let Excessive Drinking Ruin Your Life

Even if you don’t want to (or find it difficult to) quit drinking, you can gain tangible benefits in your life by just cutting back. Take a look at your life and try to find one or two small things that you can do right away.

You’re reading this article for a reason, as you know it’s time to change your life for the better. Start taking action today, because you have SO MUCH to gain! ♦