Can’t Quit Drinking? Here are 3 Good Alternatives

can't quit drinkingDo you sometimes feel as if you CAN’T quit drinking? If you’ve failed to quit drinking alcohol you may have tried to “bite off more than you can chew”.

Instead of breaking a promise to yourself to NOT drink, and then feeling disappointed that you’ve resumed, try one of these easier alternatives instead.

Alternative 1: Take a 1 – 3 day break from alcohol. Many people who drink every day – especially those who drink heavily – find it extremely difficult to take a day off, as it has become such an ingrained daily habit. However, taking a 1 to 3 day break from alcohol is a good starting point to build up your self-confidence. It can also give you a “taste of sobriety” by allowing enough time for your brain and body to recover from the fog of alcohol. If you can already take 1 – 3 days off without drinking, then you should move onto the next step. (Tip: Use food to help you take a day off.)

Alternative 2: Take a 7 day break from alcohol. Taking a full week off from drinking is a bit more difficult for some people. It requires that the weekend be alcohol-free, which can be a daunting task. However, the experience of an “alcohol-free weekend” can be remarkably rejuvenating to one’s mind, soul and body. In addition, it’s a nice benchmark to achieve, and can help you build up your commitment to get your drinking under control. If you already can take a week off from drinking, then you should move onto the next step.

Alternative 3: Take a 30 day break from alcohol. Although very difficult, not drinking for 30 days is a tremendous milestone and can be exceptionally rewarding. Many people who take a month off from alcohol find it very EASY to simply never drink again. Others find it much easier to control their drinking in the future, as one or two drinks seem much more satisfying since their bodies no long have a high tolerance of alcohol.

If You Can’t Quit Drinking, Focus on What You CAN Do

We can all get too caught up in our “failures”, and forget that the small victories are often more important. If you’ve ever felt that you can’t quit drinking, take a step back and focus on an easier accomplishment.

Remember, “alternatives” are often a good thing. And if you haven’t been able to quit drinking alcohol you should definitely consider the alternatives described above. By taking a few days off you’ll give yourself an important perspective on what you need to do to get the alcohol out of your life. You’ll also FEEL remarkably better. So, take a break from alcohol, starting today. You deserve it. ♦