Waking Up Sober: It Never Gets Old

waking up soberOne of the better reasons to quit drinking alcohol is how remarkably refreshed you will feel the morning after not drinking. You immediately begin to think more clearly and deeply, and your body feels invigorated with natural energy.You simply FEEL better and LOOK better in the morning when you haven’t drank alcohol the night before.

Of course, if you’ve been drinking on a daily basis for a long time then waking up sober might be a strange feeling! It’s easy to forget that your body is supposed to feel re-energized after a good night’s sleep.

Obviously many people deal with the morning hangover on a continuing basis – perhaps several times a week, or even daily. However, sometimes a good thing can come out of a bad feeling.

How to Start Waking Up Sober

If you have the habit of drinking too much and having to deal with a hangover the next day, try using that bad feeling while you’re experiencing it to write down a few reasons why you need to quit or cut back your drinking.

Come up with some reasons to change your lifestyle while you’re still feeling the pain of your hangover. Grab a pen and paper and write down how bad you’re feeling and how you wish you didn’t drink so much the night before. Or, if you have your cellphone or camera handy, take a picture of yourself. If later on that day you feel the temptation to drink again refer back to those notes you made earlier and use them for inspiration. Or, take a good look at that picture from earlier in the day. Is that how you WANT to look? Is that really attractive?

Start SAVING your notes from your hangovers and read each one whenever you feel the urge to open a bottle of alcohol. Keep those pictures on your cellphone. Let the memory of how bad you felt and looked rush back to you. Before you know it the memory of how bad the morning-after feels will help you learn to hate alcohol, and will provide you with the resolve to change your lifestyle.

You might think this is a crazy idea. After all, who writes about how bad they’re feeling with a hangover while they’re HAVING that hangover?! But don’t underestimate the importance of taking action, no matter how small of a step it is. You never know when one crazy idea will “hit home” and help you finally get your drinking under control. And once you do that and get alcohol out of your life – or reduce your drinking to a bare minimum – you will start feeling better and looking better than you have in years. Now THOSE are good reasons to start waking up sober! ♦