Alcoholism Articles: Top 10 Most Popular

alcoholism articles Some of the alcoholism articles on my site are substantially more popular than others. Usually these deal with specific ways to reduce one’s alcohol intake, or how to stop drinking completely. Below are the top 10 most-read alcoholism articles for the years 2014 through 2016.

  1. 10 Steps to Quit Drinking. – I wrote this article a few years back and it simply offers common-sense ideas so you can take action. Some of the steps are a bit more obvious than others, but don’t underestimate the power of each one.
  2. 30 Great Reasons to Quit Drinking. – I probably could have written a 100 of these! In addition, you probably have a bunch of your own reasons that are even better than this list. Remember, the MORE GOOD reasons you have for doing something the MORE LIKELY it is that you will do it.
  3. 10 Tips to Quit Drinking. – These 10 tips are simply good pointers to help you get your life back under control. This article also has a companion youtube video that I did a while back.
  4. Reasons to Quit Drinking. – Here is a good place to start, as this article covers a few basic reasons to help you quit drinking. It’s also important to come up with YOUR OWN list of reasons, since that will help you even more.
  5. 5 Things That Will Improve When You Quit Drinking. – Based on my own experience, I noticed that there are 5 distinct improvements you will experience when you remove alcohol from your life.
  6. Alcohol Lowers Testosterone, Increases Estrogen. – The influx of alcohol into your body also greatly increases the amount of estrogen in your system. Unfortunately, this is a very bad thing for most everyone.
  7. Get Sober by Avoiding These 2 Mistakes. – These might be THE 2 most common mistakes that many drinkers make. Your chances of getting sober increase dramatically when you avoid these 2 mistakes!
  8. How I Quit Drinking Alcohol. – Here are the 5 specific steps I took to stop drinking alcohol. They may sound strange, but what worked for me can work for you as well.
  9. 4 Proven Remedies to Reduce Your Alcohol Cravings. – Don’t just automatically give into the temptation of drinking. These remedies have been time-tested to help a lot of people get by that “first” urge to drink.
  10. How to Stop Thinking About Drinking. – One of the biggest issues that problem drinkers encounter is that alcohol seems to “always be on their mind”. One solution is to deliberately steer you mind AWAY from alcohol by giving it something else to ponder!

These Alcoholism Articles Can Help YOU

I strongly urge you to read as many of these alcoholism articles as you can until you find the one that “hits home” and inspires you to take action. If you don’t find help in any one of my articles, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to respond as quickly as I can. ♦