The Temptation to Drink

temptation to drinkSometimes the temptation to drink seems stronger than our desire to cut back (or quit). We may even THINK about how to stop drinking, or how to get our alcohol consumption under control, WHILE we are downing another glass of our favorite booze.

What should we make of this? Is it a time to feel self-hatred at our personal failings? Should we think of ourselves as weak, and unable to resist even the smallest temptation?

Or, can we look at this as an opportunity to CHANGE the way we are approaching things, and perhaps come out as a better person on the other end?

If You Keep Failing to Quit Drinking

1) Don’t be afraid to change your strategy. Sometimes we try to do too much at once, or try to make too sudden of a change to our lifestyle. If making a radical change didn’t get the result you wanted, then focus on a smaller, baby step. Take a step back and try a different approach with a different mindset. Remember, there are multiple roads to sobriety. Find yours.

2) Remember that friends can be a bad influence. Sometimes an alcoholism problem can be made worse by the peer pressure of friends and coworkers. If someone you know has a serious alcohol problem, and yet you’re hanging out with them, then it’s time to find a few new friends. Think about hanging out with people who want the same positive things out of life that you do. Try to avoid those who surround themselves with booze.

3) Starting a new habit is easier than ending an old one. So, with that in mind, instead of worrying how to quit drinking, think of STARTING something in your life that will have beneficial results. For example, perhaps you should start a new exercise routine? Or, begin that part-time job or college class you were thinking about? Starting a new habit can oftentimes push an old habit out the door.

Surrendering to the Temptation to Drink Isn’t a Sign that You Failed

If you’ve failed to quit drinking, perhaps even multiple times, please realize it was the METHOD – and not YOU – that failed. And while one method failed, it doesn’t mean another can’t work.

There are many ways to quit drinking, and what works for one person might not working for someone else. Find what works for YOU, and you’ll soon be on your way to a healthier and happier life. ♦