Finding Your Personal Road to Sobriety

You don’t necessarily have to first focus on the “alcohol” part, either. It might be easier to change the habit of going to your after-work happy hour. Thus, by not going to happy hour, you will find yourself less in situations that encourage drinking. The point is, ANY change in your normal day-to-day pattern can result in a solid, first step towards sobriety.

Take That First Footstep o that Road to Sobriety

1. You must change from “wishing” to “doing”: Every one of us gets caught up in “wishing things were different” because we want things to change overnight. However, we often neglect taking those small steps that would actually result in something changing. Switching from a “wishing mindset” to a “doing mindset” is not really that hard, especially if you remember that doing something about your problem only requires a small step.

2. Find something EASY to do and then DO it: To change a bad habit we don’t necessarily have to tackle the hardest part first. Sometimes just “nibbling away” at a problem can do more good than trying to tackle the whole thing at once.

3. Make a point of doing that EASY thing each day. No matter how easy or simple your first step is, simply make sure that each day that it’s accomplished.

4. When that first, easy step becomes a HABIT, move on to the NEXT easy step. Habits can be formed in as little as 4 to 6 weeks, sometimes much sooner.

5. Repeat this process, continually attacking the easiest thing to change. Before you know it you’ll have made tremendous progress toward getting your life back under control.

The Journey of a 1000 Miles Begins With One Step

The road to sobriety is usually long and winding, and can be different for each one of us. But it often begins with just ONE easy-to-do footstep … followed by another and another. Take that first, easy step today. You’ll be glad you did. ♦