Alcohol Lowers Testosterone, Increases Estrogen

alcohol lowers testosteroneIn case you guys weren’t sure, alcohol lowers testosterone and increases estrogen, It also brings about gynecomastia, (male breast enlargement), which you might better know as man-boobs.

It leads directly to testicular atrophy and low sperm count, which results in erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, if you lift weights you should know that alcohol is preventing you from making as much progress as you should.

It does this by destroying muscle gains in several ways, including lowering testosterone. Additional side-effects include dehydration, preventing vitamin absorption, and much more. If you feel disappointed with your muscle gains from working out, you may want to eliminate alcohol from your diet.

As you know, eliminating excess estrogen is the responsible of the liver. However, this is a problem with heavy drinkers, as the liver is simply unable to do this essential task.

Alcohol Lowers Testosterone AND  Hops Makes it Worse

It is also worth mentioning that the hops in beer causes excess estrogen. The result of all this extra estrogen is that the male body will begin to exhibit female characteristics. A guy might expect to breast enlargement, shrunken testicles, and loss of body hair.

By the way, all of this added estrogen also causes a myriad of health problems in women. The issues caused by this excess estrogen include breast and ovarian cancer.

The good news in all this is that from the very second you stop drinking alcohol you begin to heal. Your body is truly a miracle of design, and able to heal the damage that alcohol caused it. But, you have to stop now to have the best chance of getting back the healthy you.

Don’t let an alcohol addiction destroy you for one more second. Stop drinking now, and get a fresh start at a new life. You’ll be glad you did. ♦