DUI Attorney in Colorado Springs

Christian Schwaner - DUI AttorneyAlcoholism is no joke, and can lead to very serious legal consequences – but a DUI attorney can help you avoid time in jail. Many people do not realize that by taking Alcohol Anonymous courses, you could get a better deal by any given District Attorney’s office.

This tells you that our government values these AA classes, and the 12 step program in general. They want to know you are taking responsibility for your own actions, and are taking action to do something about your problem.

AA courses can be highly beneficial for some people. They help identify the core reason you might be abusing alcohol in the first place. In order for you to be more responsible as a citizen, you need to understand your own issues so you are not putting society at risk because of your potentially dangerous behavior.

The court can give you a better deal IF they believe you are less of a risk because of your genuine efforts to fix your problems and grow as a person. This is a very real thing, and prosecutors know this; the sooner you start AA classes after a DUI conviction, the better the result will be.

DUI Attorney Suggests You Enroll in an AA Program

Former Prosecutor and Criminal Defense Attorney, Christian Schwaner always suggests that his clients immediately enroll in an AA program. He has personally represented over a thousand people for DUI convictions, after working as a prosecutor in the same county.

By working as a prosecutor, you can learn the ins and outs of the local justice system. You can also gain rapport with the judges and district attorney’s office. You learn what can and can’t be done in most situations, within the legal parameters of the system. In short, you learn what the best deals are from the court, and how to get them.

You could not find a more qualified DUI Attorney. If you are in or near Colorado Springs, and are looking for qualified legal representation, give them a call. You can reach Mr. Schwaner at 719-577-9700, or by email at Christian@schwanerlaw.com. You can also read more information about DUI Law on his website: www.schwanerlaw.com. ♦