Keep Drinking Alcohol? 5 Reasons You Should!

keep drinking alcoholI’ve previously written about many of the great reasons to quit drinking alcohol (plus another 30 great reasons to quit drinking alcohol), but I want to be fair and look at both sides. So, with that in mind, here are 5 reasons to KEEP drinking alcohol … just in case you’ve forgotten all the wonderful things it brings into your life!

Hangovers: Who doesn’t enjoy a good hangover? I mean, you can’t get a REAL hangover when you’re sober, can you? Of course not. Only alcohol can do that for you. And there’s nothing like having your entire day ruined by a pounding headache, sick stomach, and aching body.

Isn’t it a great thing to have to call in sick from your job because of a hangover? Or embarrassingly divert your bloodshot eyes away from your kids so they don’t see how you look? That “I feel like shit” hangover is why you need to keep drinking alcohol!

Spending Money: There’s NO better feeling in the world than sleepily opening your wallet in the morning only to find you’ve spent a TON of cash the night before. Or, maybe ALL of your cash. Or, better yet, you DON’T REMEMBER how you spent your cash. All you know is that you spent it on booze. Is wasting your hard-earned money on booze a great feeling? You betcha! Pissing your money away is yet another great reason to keep on drinking!

Vomiting: I mean, come on, being able to vomit after a hard night’s drinking might be the BEST reason to keep putting a poison in your body! There’s simply no other feeling in the world that can match it. Who doesn’t love puking their guts out in the middle of the night? Who doesn’t enjoy kneeling in front of the toilet, seeing the contents of their stomach floating in the bowl? That’s absolutely heaven, ladies and gentlemen!

Petty Arguments: Ah, the joy of the petty argument! With alcohol, every little disagreement becomes a BIG DEAL. Whether it’s your spouse or your kids, or a lifelong friend or a coworker, alcohol allows you to find the NEGATIVE in any situation! And, admit it, who doesn’t love upsetting those we actually love? There’s nothing like alcohol to help you destroy relationships. Cool stuff, huh?

Feeling Depressed: If you’re the kind of person who LIKES feeling sad and depressed then alcohol is for you! The great thing about alcohol is that it presents itself as an escape from the problems in your life, when alcohol actually CAUSED most of those problems in the first place! All you have to do is keep drinking if you enjoy feeling bad about your life! And the best part? The more you drink the worse you will feel!

Should You Keep Drinking Alcohol?

Alas, I don’t know you. Maybe those reasons above aren’t enough to convince you to keep ruining your life by drinking alcohol. Maybe you’re that crazy type who recognizes that it’s the ALCOHOL that’s causing you most of your problems, and as soon as you remove the alcohol every part of your life will improve.

If that’s you, and you’re looking for some helpful tips to quit drinking, here are the alcoholism articles on my site. Hopefully one or two will just be crazy enough for you to use, and help you become a bit healthier and happier with your life. ♦