10 Steps to Quit Drinking Alcohol

10 Steps to Quit Drinking Alcohol: #5 and #6

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5. Outer Talk: Be very aware of how you speak out loud about alcohol. Pay special attention to statements like “I am trying to stop drinking”. Instead, focus on positive self-empowering statements, such as “I don’t drink alcohol because I want to be healthy”. Another  example is “I have more money now that I don’t drink”. The power of your own voice in your own ears reaffirms your commitment to change your life for the better.

In fact, our own words have a MUCH more powerful impact on our beliefs and actions than you might suspect. Whether you realize it or not, your own voice in your own ears is more important and influential to you than the voice of anyone else in your life. DO NOT be afraid to tell people that you no longer drink alcohol! By telling others that alcohol is unimportant to you, you are ALSO reinforcing your own resolve, and you will feel even more committed to your health.

Tip: Talk like you’ve been sober for years, even if it’s only been for a day.

6. Inner Talk: Be aware of your “self talk” … those little statements you say to yourself a thousand times a day. Maybe no one else hears what you say to yourself, but YOU do. Make them positive, life-affirming statements that guide you in the best direction for your future. Constantly remind yourself WHY you no longer drink alcohol, and how HEALTHY you are feeling, and how BRIGHT of a future you have now that you are doing something about your alcohol problem.

Think of your self-talk as the “steering wheel” of your mind, for your thoughts will guide you toward whatever actions and beliefs you allow them to. Get in the habit of telling yourself what you WANT to become, and NOT what you once were. Your mistakes are in the past. It’s what you are NOW that matters! Believe in yourself, because YOU are the one who is in control of your life.
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