The Best Way to Cut Back Drinking Alcohol

best way to cut back drinkingSome people drink alcohol a little more than they should, but not to the extent of having the debilitating effects of full-blown alcoholism. If this is you, you may be wondering what is the best way to cut back drinking.

You probably already recognize that you SHOULD cut back. And you likely already have plenty of good, solid reasons to quit drinking alcohol. Plus, since you haven’t yet fully experienced the serious negative consequences of constant alcohol abuse, you realize that NOW is the time to act and do something about this problem before it gets out of control.

The good news is that there IS something you can do quickly and effortlessly. It will dramatically reduce your drinking so that you CAN feel healthier and happier for years to come. It will also help you feel that you’ve taken a concrete step toward being more in control of your environment. AND it will have an immediate, positive impact on your health – while simultaneously saving you a ton of money! Not a bad combination, is it? So, here it is: the BEST WAY to cut back drinking alcohol:

Do You Keep Alcohol at Home or Work?

It’s hard to miss those advertisements for alcohol, especially if you often pass a liquor store or bar. Even worse, many areas of the country now have liquor stores attached or adjacent to the local food store. You may even have fallen into the habit of purchasing a case of wine or beer (or other liquor) to keep at home or work to “save” a few extra bucks.

Perhaps you didn’t want to bother running out to the store later if you had company over. Or, maybe you just like having a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer around the house “if” you feel like drinking later on. Of course, what usually happened when you did this is that you ended drinking simply because it was there. It was the easy choice.

The truth is that you made it EASIER for yourself to drink alcohol (and drink too much) because you didn’t have to run to a liquor store to buy it. You have made for yourself an environment that is full of contradictions: Yes, you WANT to be healthier. Yes, you WANT to cut back on drinking. And yes, you WANT to have more money. But you are SURROUNDING yourself with things that HAVE TO lead to the OPPOSITE result.

You are acting in much the same way as an overweight person who inwardly desires to lose weight and be healthier, but keeps his or her cabinet and refrigerator stocked with junk food. You’re NOT going to get good results by surrounding yourself with things that lead in the OPPOSITE direction. It will be next to impossible for you to feel healthier and happier – and more in control of your life – as long as you make it EASY and CONVENIENT to drink alcohol. (article continues below)