Best Way to Stop Drinking?

best way to stop drinkingHave you ever wondered which way is the BEST way to stop drinking, or to overcome alcoholism? If so, you’re in luck. There IS one method of quitting that has routinely proven to be more successful, and longer lasting, than all others.

Here it is: The single, most effective way to stop drinking alcohol is to REPLACE your drinking habit with one or more empowering habits DURING THOSE HOURS you normally drink alcohol.

For example, if you are the type of person that drinks every evening after work, and keeps on drinking until you go to bed, you will need to find another empowering activity (or activities) that will occupy you during the evening. This activity should make it inconvenient or impossible to drink while performing it, and should also improve your life in some way.

By replacing a bad habit with a healthy habit, you will consistently give your mind something other than booze to think about, and your hands something other than a glass of alcohol to hold in front of you. This will naturally result in your drinking less and less as time goes on. Plus, adopting a new habit can take a lot less time than you might think.

5 Examples of Replacing the Drinking Habit with Empowering Habits

1. Get a Part Time Job: The idea of working a part-time job might seem repulsive to some, but there is possibly no easier way to cut back on alcohol.

2. Exercise: Physical exercise has long proven to be a superb way to reduce the desire to drink. Obviously, it is impossible to hold a glass of booze in your hand while walking briskly or lifting weights!

3. Eat Dinner Earlier Than Normal: For most people, eating a large dinner will dramatically reduce the desire for alcohol. I previously called this the Eating Trick, and it is a wonderful habit to get into.

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