Your Future is Bright with Sobriety

your future sobrietySobriety has an amazing advantage over alcoholism, because it gives you back your future.

Remember when you were a little kid, and someone would ask you what wanted to be when you grew up? You probably said that you wanted to be a movie star, or a football player, or a singer, or maybe a famous actor or a policeman.

Perhaps it was an astronaut, or race car driver, or even something your mom or dad did for a living. You may have changed your mind every few days, as well.

One thing for sure: you definitely didn’t say that you wanted to be addicted to alcohol when you were big. Yet, somehow, it happened. Somehow, your life went a little off course. You could probably tell me a thousand stories of what has gone wrong over the years that led to your addiction, and I will believe every word because I’ve been there myself.

Perhaps you blame it all on yourself … perhaps not. Maybe there were legitimate reasons, or maybe not. But, it really doesn’t matter anymore, does it? There is nothing you can do TODAY to change what happened YESTERDAY.

Getting Sober Gives You Back Your Future

What IS important is to realize that all of your mistakes, all of your harmful actions and hurtful words – every one of them – are in the past. From this very second you can decide to be a healthier person by not letting alcohol destroy you … ever again.

There are a multitude of great reasons to quit drinking alcohol, and their benefits will be felt in every area of your life. Physically, financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Every area of your life will blossom because alcohol no longer deadens it. From this very second YOU control the rest of YOUR life.

Yes, as soon as you quit drinking, you can STILL have the future you want. ♦